Wednesday, June 23, 2010


IT HAS BEGUN!! USA SOCCER FANS are showing their LOVE! I never knew so many people liked watching SOCCER!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

salt lake

I've been up in Salt Lake this summer and with the crazy weather we have had this whole year. AKA snow in May and a ton of rain it has also showed me how beautiful Salt Lake really is. The mountains are green and every day I'm outside to see the sun set I am amazed by the beauty that I'm surrounded by. Just the other night I was driving home from practice and was amazed when I looked off the freeway to see three temples shining bright amongst all the lights. Its pretty cool to be able to see that! What a great place I live! Here are a few pictures from a few sundays ago. The weather was so crazy. So pretty tho! I was driving so wasn't able to catch the double rainbow.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

life lately!

So its been a while since I've written on my blog so I thought I would do a little update of what I've been doing this summer so far. I got to go home after school got out for a few days and had a great time. It was not very long was the only complaint! I came back to Utah cause I started summer school not long after finishing my spring semester. I'm taking two classes. A nutrition class and a business statistics 2 class. Not so much fun! I would not advise anyone to take summer classes. Try jamming stats into a 5 week class! PAINFUL! hah...But since I've gotten back to Utah I have also been playing on a summer team called the Utah Starzz. Its a WPSL or women's premier soccer league. So basically my team is made up of girls that play or played at byu, utah, utah state, uvu, and a few other random schools. I enjoy it cause you get to play with a lot of players you have never played with and its a little more laid back as far as the pressure that you are usually under in college. I've been able to travel a few times with that team to play some other teams in the league. There are actually teams all across the country so they put us in divisions. We went down to St. George and to Tucson and Phoenix to play games so far. I also get to drive to Provo 2-3 times a week for our practices. That is quite the adventure! I've also gotten the chance to work out up here a lot. We have a strength and conditioning coach that works us out 3-4 times a week. We lift and run monday, tuesday, thursday and run on fridays. Its been good and I feel as if I have gotten much stronger. Things have been going well and I'm really enjoying my new ward up here in Salt Lake. I only wish I could go to more of the activities they have (softball, tuesday night hikes). The most recent thing that is going on in my life is soccer camps. I am working for the University of Utah soccer camps and this week we have our UTE KICKERS camp. I have a group of 13 girls ranging in age from 8-11. Man is that fun to try and help them become better soccer players and just have a good time. My new nick name is Milk DUDS and my other teammate katie is KIT KAT. I'm hoping they will bring us the treat we are nicknamed after on the last day of camp!

The best part of the summer thus far tho would probably have to be the fact that I have been waking up at 5 to watch world cup games. I am exhausted by the end of the day after watching games and working camps and going to practice but World Cup only happens so often so you gotta sacrifice some sleep for it right!?!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

things I LOVE about HOME!

1. Talking to my best friend who's serving his mission in JAPAN on the phone.
2. Going to movies with my DAD on Monday nights.
3. Riding preston and weston to schoool on my mom's bike!
4. Going to IN'N'OUT burger with my mom and preston and preston only eating half of the stuff he orders...oh and the fact that I can still eat in'n'out when on a diet! like that too!
5. Watching my brother all day in the REGIONAL golf tourney. He posted the 2nd highest score of the day by the way! 2 EAGLES and 2 BIRDIES. finished 1 under. I THINK I WAS THE GOOD LUCK CHARM. My mom and I had fun following him around for 7 hours of golf!

Its only been a little over 2 days and I've already had a blast! I love my family so much! HOPEFULLY THE POOL WILL WARM UP TONIGHT!